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 × Chelsea

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PostSubject: × Chelsea    Sun Sep 22, 2013 5:24 am



Name × Chelsea
Nicknames ×   Chel, Chely, Cheese, Chels
Gender × Female
Rank × Founder 
Age × 2 Years 10 months


Coat Color × Chelsea has cream all over her body, it darkens up a little bit on her back, that comes all the way up to her ears. Her coat isn't very thick, meaning her thinness is more obvious. Since its thin it doesn't get matted as much giving her a small fluffy look.
Eye color × She has pale blue eyes
Physical build × Chelsea isn't very muscular. She is built more for running than fighting, which makes her quick.
Scars/Unusual Markings × None she's noticed so far
Breed × Arctic Wolf

Into Chelsea's mind

Personality × Chelsea can be a bit.. Awkward. Well, not necessarily awkward, just very quiet and shy. The reason for her shyness is because she's learned that not everybody can be trusted the hard way. Yet despite of what she's been though, Chelsea has remained polite and conscious of other people's feelings, and doesnt turn to fights often. If her family/friends are threatened, she will turn wild. The thought of losing another close one is partially driving her to desperation. Although she may seem small and defenseless, Chelsea has a wild side that is usually difficult to arouse. But once she gets to know you, she'll speak more comfortably and joke around when its appropriate. Shes good at hiding her emotions though, and she doesnt usually become annoyed easily.
History × Her life was relatively calm. Her mother was sweet and her father was well, not right in the head. But that didn't matter, their life was alright. She had one other brother and a sister. They always got along and food wasn't scarce. Until one day, her father and mother had gone on hunting. Chelsea and her siblings were a year and a half at the time. Their parents were still troubled about allowing them to leave the den, so they stayed. It was a bit cloudy that day, and rain didn't seem likely. But things took a turn for the worst. Near evening, a strong rain had begun, Chelsea and her brother Chaos were tempted at first to leave and search for their parents, but their sister Luna insisted they stay. All night it rained and their parents had still not returned. By morning, the rain had turned to a light drizzle, but at some points the sun was visible though the clouds. Chelsea and Chaos both decided to go and search for their parents, while Luna waited just in case they returned to the den. While out, they discovered the nearby lake had flooded. The pups became more and more worried as they saw no sign of their parents. Nothing was left. They searched all day, near the hunting grounds as well, but no signs of them wear noticeable. Saddened, they returned home, Luna was still there. The young wolves waited for days, hoping that their lost parents would return, but to no avail. Chaos decided it was time to move on together, so they all left, searching for a new place. After a few months of wandering together, Chaos decided to leave and go on his own, leaving Luna and Chelsea. At first Chelsea was hurt, but as time progressed, she stood understood why he would want to leave. Although one day, as Chelsea was sleeping, she was attacked by Luna, who had grown more insane as the days wore on. Chelsea found a way out and deserted her sister. Heart broken, and at a young 2 years , Chelsea chose to travel on her own, and to search for a new family she can call her own, no matter the costs.

Mother ∞ Aurora
Father ∞ Raphael
Sister ∞ Luna
Brother ∞ Chaos

Weakness × Fighting, Swimming
Strengths × Running, hunting. Yus.
Lover interest × Hmm, well perhaps someone who is kind, responsible, fun, well enough to help her run the pack as well as father pups if that ever happens xD
Crush × No one has interested her..
Mate × No one..
Pups × None.. although she does want some.

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× Chelsea
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