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 A n a k u||Violence and Hate||

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PostSubject: A n a k u||Violence and Hate||   Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:04 pm


Nickname(s)- I don't mind, someone's going to come up with one sometime.


Age- 2 and 8 months almost 3

Gender- Male

Theme Song- "Rubik's Cube" By Athlete

Self Motto- "He who has never hoped can never despair"

Rank- Reservists

Personality- Anaku can play it cold and hard, very ill-tempered and impolite. Though he may seem like this all the time you have to try and dig deeper then his outsides. There you may find a lost soul wondering to find the warmth of life once more. He can be very flirtatious and charming if you found the beating heart of his. The brute can seem off hand or very possasive of the pack but truth be told he is only locking himself to the pack to keep from his devastating past. Anaku is a sly male with a very sarcastic aproch. He doesn't go for gentle or welcoming right away, more of this wanting to know you first with a bad menor to the other. He can very lash out on when he may seem even and welcoming when its all a hidden lie. Though he is overall a big sweetheart waiting be let out by someone.

Designation-  Anaku is a navy blue black. You can only see a tint of the blue but otherwise his pelt looks like an obsidian black. Niku is large for his size but has a bulky yet slender build from the genetic looks from his parent's. The brute has a mahogany brown eye color with a ring of light honey brown lining it, so it kinda has a glow to it. Having a well groomed pelt and large claws is he ready for anything you can manage to throw at him.

Family- Kaori|Younger sister|Deceased, Kotaro|Father|Deceased, Aki|Mother|Deceased

History- Anaku was born into a pack called Whispering souls. His mother and father were the beta's of the pack ready to take control of the large growing pack. Breeding season had arrived and many pups were born. His mother Aki gave birth to a girl and a boy, Anaku being the eldest of his deformed sibling. Unfortunately his sister was born blind, but it never stopped her from growing. The little family was close until Kaori grew ill, winter came eairly and the herds fled to the south. Food was scarce and the herbs for the illness was growing short. Anaku tresured his sister and would rather die for her, but his love and hope wasn't enough. The next day she died, many wolves died that day but she was one of the first to go. The winter passed as well many seasons and Anaku grew into a young robust brute. Hunting with his mother one day when the hot summers came to the pack, it was for sure a great feeling to have the mouth watering scents fill you nose and have the wind comb through your fur. Surely nothing could go wrong but I guess wrong can turn to desaster. Man came to the parts of the woods, no wolf in the pack seen one before but an elder whom died the week before. As he hunted a loud ringing sound came to the hunting partys ears, the herd must of heard it to cause the ran in the direction of the party. Fleeing with his mother and pack mates as the herds fled with them, as the sound grew closer loud booms rang through the once peaceful air. Blood filled Niku's nose as thuds shook the earth, he kept close to his mother as a wolf ahead of them perished. Not knowing what was going on did an adrenaline rush flow through his pumped body. Sadly the next wolf whom fell was his mother, her body fell limp instantly causing Anaku triping over her and rolling in the earth. The booms and ringing sound stopped as Anaku got up and seen the rest of the herds fleeing but no other wolf but himself stood. Crying in dispair did he run to confine his dad, new Alpha of the pack. His father listaned with an intense gaze as sorrow, rage, and cunfusion flashed in his eerie amber eyes. Seasons pasted as a strange madness hit the pack hard, any wolf whom was bit turned savage on one another. They killed one another off and Anaku watched it with his father by his side, the terror of losing one another grew them close as they traveled as a duet of two. As they reached another territory of a pack, but not knowing the pack was hostile. They slept in cowering fear as a band of wolves came to them, 3 to 2. Out numbered but they where to hungry to backdown. Anaku and his father, Kotaro faught bravely but it wasn't enough the band seriously wounded Kotaro. A few days passed and Kotaro passed, leaving Anaku behind. Ever since Anaku showed little mercy to those he battled with and has no hope or ife in him. He traveled long and found a pack that he hopes he may once more find a life worth fighting for.

Friend(s)- Know him well and you shall be granted his "friendzone"

Talants- Holding gruges, Fighting, Being sly

Foe(s)- No one uless you get on his bad side.

Fears- The dark, Drowning/water, Losing his pride, Death of a loved one

Likes- Watching over the pack, Being alone, Sleeping,

Love Intrest(s)-[/color] I don't seem to have found one of my type...

Mate- If I had one I wouldn't be alone


Personal Intrests-Being alone, Carving into bones, Staring into the night sky, Starting stuff


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PostSubject: Re: A n a k u||Violence and Hate||   Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:30 pm

Interesting bio! c: Hope to meet your character in RP. Also, hopefully our characters don't get messy with one another, judging by this bio, and the title of it also xD Overall, I hope our characters can meet in a way that is kind and very "low", as in, "a very friendly manor". :)
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PostSubject: Re: A n a k u||Violence and Hate||   Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:56 pm

Welcome to the pack Anaku(:
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PostSubject: Re: A n a k u||Violence and Hate||   Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:57 pm

xD sorry Im editing the bio so its not finished and complete, so stay tuned!
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PostSubject: Re: A n a k u||Violence and Hate||   

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A n a k u||Violence and Hate||
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