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Hello Guest!! Welcome to The Warped Souls! We are glad to see you have come to check out our site and we hope to see that you join soon! If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask any of the Staff. ~ Staff

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PostSubject: էhe ฬarped รouls    Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:57 pm

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. . . . . . . . . Greetings! And welcome to the Warped Souls pack. As many of you know, I am Chelsea, a tyrant of the pack. Having been on before, there wasnt really much success with the pack. Now we are starting back up and recruiting members! We have become more active on the site and hope to get members on there as well. So hope you decide to join! Many improvements and changes have been made so check it out at least or even affiliate(:

Rules to abide by
I. Please respect your fellow pack members, and make sure you follow these rules. Any rude behavior or insults won't be tolerated. Make sure you follow the wolfquest rules and guidelines as well.
II. Cussing isn't allowed on here, No spamming.
III. Double accounts are not acceptable. If we find out you have more than one we will ban you..
IV. Try to post at least 10 posts to get a rank. If you have anything under I would appreciate it if you either sent me a rp paragraph or be placed in the newcomers rank until you have proven to be active. 
V. For secret word, put "More Sunlight" So i know you read the rules please.
VI. Try not to start arguements
VII. For rp you will need to post a minimim of 50 words please.
VIII. Out-side of rp posts at least 1 sentence.
IX. Do not ever advertise any where but the advertisement board serious consequences will be involved if not followed.
X. No double posting on RP and try to not on occ places.
XI. Please post your bio before joining us in rp.

About the Souls
Soul Count: 8
Newest Soul: Anaku!
Member of the Month: -
Pack Creation date: 8|19|13
Pack colors: ✕

Pack Website:
Pack Motto: -
Alliance Count: 1
Enemy Count: -
Pack Creator: Chelsea [-Cimi]

▶ ▶ ◀ ◀

The tyrants are the founders of the pack. They accept all member, alliance, friend, etc etc applications. They makes the rules of which we all must live by. Disrespecting the tyrants will earn you warnings and even banishment.

Chelsea ♀ [-Cimi]
Fabion ♂ [-]

Archons are the second in charge, they help the founder lead the pack. They are able to accept members and friends only. They also correct any misbehavior, and if something is serious, they will need to report it to the founder. Note that there are only three spots open. It is first come first serve as well, if you seem unworthy of your rank you will be placed down into a lower rank and another person may take your place.

Skelett ♂ [RainbowSockMonkeys]

The Asylum are the packs scouts almost like. They patrol the territory making sure all is clear.  

Nova ♀ [-]
Hoole ♂ [Tamotsu]
Antheia ♀ [Themis]

The Seekers
The hunting band of course is in charge of providing food for the rest of us.  

The Reservists
The Reservists work with the Asylum. Any danger of course is reported to the warriors. They are in charge of protecting the pack.

Anaku ♂ [Wolffriend1]
Kaleigh ♀ [Lo-ki]

The Shamans
The Shamans are just like the doctors of the pack. They help the sick or wounded, and collect herbs as well.  

These wolves go to extreme lengths to go places and look for new things the pack could need such as herbs or new prey, they are considered gatherers and are very helpful.

Wishingfeather ♀ [Amethystrose]

The inferiors of course are the pups of the pack. There are unlimited spots for this rank.

The newcomers
The newcomers are the wolves who chose instead to proven to be active instead of sending in an rp paragraph. After maybe a week of activeness you will be granted the rank of your choice. Spots for this are unlimited.


The Lost Shores Pack

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էhe ฬarped รouls
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