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 The Snowy Blizzard Pack |A Wolf Pack Story| Chapter 1 Part 1.

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PostSubject: The Snowy Blizzard Pack |A Wolf Pack Story| Chapter 1 Part 1.   Sun Mar 23, 2014 11:05 am

The Snowy Blizzard Pack

1: CrystalBreeze - Female - Alphess - Mate to DarkMoon.
2: DarkMoon - Male - Alpha - Mate to CrystalBreeze.
3: LightStar - Female - Lead Beta - Has no mate (Not looking for one at the moment).
4: Fang - Male - Beta - Has no mate (Doesn't want one).
5: ShadowBlade - Male - Fighter - Has no mate (Looking).
6: FeatherWish - Female - Healer - Thinks she has a crush on Fang.
7: RoseFire - Female - Pup to CrystalBreeze and DarkMoon.


Description of Each Character:

CrystalBreeze: A very light grey pelt with lines of blue printed on her back. Her eye color is a baby blue, a very pretty color to the vision of male wolves. With age being as old as 4, she is quite young some might say. Her paws are white with hints of grey on the sides. The tip of her tail is a light black or a very dark grey. The underside of her belly is all white. She is a very interesting wolf. She attracts male wolves which makes her so pretty. On the top of her head, light blue lines run down to her eyes, making them blend in with her actual eye color. Her pelt is very long, which makes her look very sexy.

DarkMoon: Black pelt with hints of white. The tip of his tail is a dark grey, almost blends in with the rest of his black pelt. His pelt is very short in tone, but from far away, it looks longer than usual. With an age being 4 years also, no one else in the pack is older than he. His eye color is a light green with tiny white dots in them. They are so tiny, not even another wolf could see them. He is not as wonderful and luminous as his wonderful mate, CrystalBreeze, but he does seem very handsome in every other way. His nose is black which blends in with the rest of the black that he has. His under belly is very shiny when light approaches in that area.

LightStar: She is an all white wolf. She is about 2 1/2 years old. With a star on one side of her body, it's an answer to how she got her name. She thinks she is the most intelligent wolf in the pack. With a long and fluffy tail, she tries to prove to the males that she is one of the cutest. With her cute looks, she can try to impress the males, or at least the males who are looking to get a mate. Her nose is very black. Her eye color is a light golden. So sparkly that light attracts them to make them very shiny. LightStar loves to hang out with everyone, but hates to obey orders even when she is told to do something, "Now!".

Fang: He is a dark grey wolf. Not black, but dark grey. He is about 3 years in age. His eyes are a reddish color. He looks handsome, but watch out! He can be very evil at times. His tone is very commanding if anyone tries to get on his nerves. His paws are black, mixing in with his dark grey pelt. His pelt looks very long in the distance when seen from afar. He is always angry and will not tolerate others being mean to him. He will snap back harshly if necessary. He hates anyone who tries to ask him to be his mate. He will not tolerate this so called: "Love". He thinks mates are pathetic and shouldn't be in any part of his life. He will tolerate friendship, but... Anything beyond being friends, he will "lay a paw down" about it. He is not profound in this kind of relationship towards others. He may be smart, but sometimes, he will go berserk. Very, very crazy.

ShadowBlade: This wolf has half and half. Why I say this is because: Half of his pelt is a light grey, while the other half remains a darker grey. The light grey side of him starts at his head. Traveling until it gets to his back and stomach, where it starts to fade into a darker shade of grey. Then traveling all the way to his hind legs and tail. His eyes are very green in color, but some mistake it as a bluish color. That's why ShadowBlade always has to correct them about his eye color. "Green! Not blue", he would always say. He is very smart for his age. He is about 2 and 3/4 in wolf years. He is not very handsome like most females would comment. Only from their mind, not his. He doesn't think he is handsome, which in that case, is true about him.

FeatherWish: Ah, yes. Another great name for a fae like her, right? This beauty beast is about 3 1/2 years in age. FeatherWish has a cream colored coat. It makes it easier for other wolves to see her in the white fluffy snow. She is the Healer of the pack, and will take notice of any wolf that is gravely injured and need medical attention right away! She knows the right tools to help those in need of them. Whether it be a great come of sickness, or a wound from another wolf attack. FeatherWish is very smart and knows what is best for her. Although she takes love actions towards Fang, she doesn't take his "No" answers as that. She also loves to help around the pack. No one else can be as helpful as her.

RoseFire: The lovely she-pup of CrystalBreeze and DarkMoon. She is a light grey pup that is very playful. No markings whatsoever. They will form in time, for she will be an adult very very soon. The tip of her tail is a pure white and blends in as it travels a few centimeters more down her tail. It's like a triangle shape mark, possibly the only mark on this pup. She is a very intelligent pup and could possibly outsmart anyone, except for her own parents. She is the only member of the pack that is forced to stay in the pack den even though she is desperate to play outside every now and then.


Chapter 1 - The Call of The Pack

"Calling all pack members!!" DarkMoon howled, his paws firmly on ground and muzzle high in the sky. It was a very beautiful morning in The Snowy Blizzard Pack. Everyone was jostled and forced to wake up bright and early by their Alpha. LightStar, whom was one of the Betas of the pack, didn't like waking up in the morning so early. She would always refuse.
"Why???" she asked in her tired tone. She didn't like it when DarkMoon howled so loudly. It always ruined her almost 1 hour left of beauty sleep. Heck, she was always 'Picture perfect'.
"Don't play games with me! You are the lead Beta now! You are expected to be awoke this early in the morning! Get used to it!" the Alpha snapped. LightStar flattened her ears at DarkMoon's tone of voice. She didn't mean to get him upset. She just wanted her last hour of sleep. CrystalBreeze looked at her mate, then back at LightStar. The Alphess of the pack did not like the lead Beta's actions towards them. It was unfair, and it led to serious consequences. Sometimes... But not always. It depended mostly on how severe the lack of obedience was. The Alphess began to speak.
"Our pack must go on a hunting session. We don't have a sustained hunter in our pack, and that is bad enough. But without food, we could all starve. Us as wolves don't want to starve. When we hunt, it is an important matter that we all work together. No 'buts' about it. Are we clear on the subject? Or do I have to run through the plan again?" Everyone froze for a few as CrystalBreeze spoke of a hunting session.
"But Alphess..." a voice called out. That deep voice. Everyone knew that deep voice from somewhere. It was their Beta, Fang. He had an idea and it had just popped into his head. He never wanted to loose the pack like he thought he lost any other. It just couldn't be held down like that. "What if... We could find a hunter? Ya know... They could hunt for us. We don't necessarily have to go down as a group". Everyone turned and looked at Fang. They thought he was just being silly. But from DarkMoon's prospective, it was the greatest idea ever. But... He had something else in mind for Fang.
"Very good, Fang. You will be our hunter", the Alpha suggested. Fang didn't like the sound of that.
"What?? Okay you have got to be out of your silly minds! I suggested that we find another hunter! Not that I ever wanted to hunt! What kind of pathetic wolf like me hunts down those so-called, elks?! Heh! Good luck getting me to go hunt for you". Just as ShadowBlade came and saw the meeting all the others were included in, he had over heard what Fang had said. He gave a gasp.
"Fang! The pack needs you! If DarkMoon gives you orders to go hunt, YOU GO AND HUNT! Disobedience leads to fearful consequences ya know... You don't wanna be tangled up in one of those mistakes, do you?" Fang growled under his breath. He never liked the way ShadowBlade spoke to him that way. He never took his word. But, if there was one thing he did remember, was the consequences that he would have to suffer if he disobeyed the Alphas.
"These wolves are out of their minds if they think I will go and hunt..." Fang thought deep in his mind. He gave a sigh and made up his mind. "Okay... I'm sorry that I said I wouldn't hunt... I will go and catch a few things for the pack. Forgive me, my dear Alphas. Won't happen again. I feel bad that I disobeyed you. But now I will put what is right for our pack. We are hungry, and we want food. I will get that for you. Just... Give me a half hour at least". He bowed his head to CrystalBreeze and DarkMoon. Obeying them and slowly trotting over to the hunting grounds.
"Be back very soon", DarkMoon called out. The rest of the pack dispersed from the meeting and trotted off to go do other things. The Alphas went to go check on their pup, RoseFire. She was still in the den. Safe and sound, she was fast asleep.
"Darky. I am going to feed this pup. Please give me some time. If you would, go check up on the other members, see what they are up to". DarkMoon gave a smile. He nodded slowly as he exited the den and padded around to check up on what everyone else was doing. DarkMoon looked around for his Healer, FeatherWish.
"Where is FeatherWish?? I didn't see her at the meeting we just had...". DarkMoon began to worry. His eyes probed around the area and there seemed to be no sign of their beloved Healer.
"Alpha!" he heard a distant voice say. The Alpha perked his ears carefully and gave another listen. "Alpha", it said again.
"Where are you??" DarkMoon jumped. He knew that high pitched voice. It was his beloved Healer! But... Where was her voice coming from?? Not long, the cream colored wolf came trotting back to the den. She panted as she tried to catch her breath. She was tired out.
"Alpha... Here I am... I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the meeting... I was in a hurry. I had to help someone who was gravely injured. He isn't from this pack. I found him lost from another pack and I thought I would bring him here. Please... Can he stay??" FeatherWish looked at her Alpha straight in the eyes. DarkMoon was a little puzzled.
"FeatherWish! Thank woodlands you are alright! I was beginning to worry. You were not at the meeting. So that made me a little nervous. I thought that you had gotten into a fight with a grizzly. Please remember to stay within this pack territory range. Don't just go wondering far ways without letting one of the Betas, I, or CrystalBreeze know. We need to know where all our pack members are at all times!" DarkMoon didn't have time to answer what FeatherWish wanted. He was too upset about his Healer being lost. FeatherWish jumped up and down.
"But... Alpha! I'm okay! Look... I will stay at the- Look! I don't care! Just please let this wounded wolf stay in this pack?? He means no one any harm... Please, Alpha??" DarkMoon tilted his head to one side.

~~End of Part 1~~

Thanks to you all for reading! ^~^ Would love to hear some feedback on this story! If I get enough positivity, I might post part 2 of Chapter 1.
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The Snowy Blizzard Pack |A Wolf Pack Story| Chapter 1 Part 1.
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