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 Land Of The Wolf | LotW | .:Elemental/Power Wolf Rp:.

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PostSubject: Land Of The Wolf | LotW | .:Elemental/Power Wolf Rp:.   Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:16 pm

.:Land Of The Wolf:.

LotW(Land Of The wolf), is a semi realistic wolf rpg. We are located in a land rules by wolves and our ancestors, humans have some how be whipped off of the planet. As we struggle to survive, will you join us as the 4 packs battle to survive. As a battle that has been foretold becomes nearer with each birthday of the Kahu Eternity, tensions rise and surprises linger around every corner as new truths are told. Will the truth really be lies, told by those we trust the most? Will our trusted ones turn into our foes and our foes our friends?

Some Info:
Hello! Guest! We are a fun and welcoming community looking for new users. If your active we would really love for you to join us! ^^ We are a new site after flourishing on forumotion we decided to move to proboards. SO if you would want to join us then great! ^^ Our wolves have different species, such as elementals, dires, guardians, normals, and other species that may have become mixed. For our elemental kind there are many elements just waiting for someone to chose them! Just because we allow powers and elements does not mean you have to be one. Or that you can power play, no we do not allow power play or even god-modding. We have ceremonies for the pups when they reach the age of 6 months and begin their training in ranks, they get to choose which ever they like or which ever their mentor thinks would suit them best. We have many different ranks, and different names for them. For example a Kahu is the leader or alpha of a pack. Loners are allowed as well, we have many different places for you to rp.
One rank that we have and have yet to see other sites with is a black-smith, so yes our wolves can wear armor or weapons. Such as medal claws, saber fangs, sword tail, etc.

Site Link:
Site Season: Currently Fall
Site Member Count: 10

Otm (Of the months): To be chosen!
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Land Of The Wolf | LotW | .:Elemental/Power Wolf Rp:.
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